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Vehicle Maintenance

Using only manufacturer approved fluids and filters, you can be assured your vehicle's maintenance is done right, and at great value.


Tire Sales, Changeovers and Repairs

Using multiple sources, we can supply from the most economical to the best quality.

Repairs are performed to industry standards to ensure safety and reliability.


Brake, Steering and Suspension Repair

Quality parts and proper practices are critical to maintain these essential systems. 


Electrical Diagnostics and Repair

Proper testing is extremely important to pinpoint electrical faults. Whether it's a warning light coming on, or a power window that won't work, we'll find the cause. This results in replacing only the parts that are needed, providing excellent value.


Transmission and Clutch Repair

Transmission not shifting properly? Clutch slipping?

We can find the cause, and correct it efficiently.


Engine Repairs

From leak repairs to major repairs and replacements, great care is taken to keep your engine running smoothly.


Air Conditioning and Heater Repair

Staying comfortable throughout the year is important. Air conditioning and heating systems require specialized knowledge to keep them working efficiently.


Exhaust Repair

Does your car seem louder than usual? Exhaust components are exposed to extreme heat, causing them to rust through eventually. Noise from an exhaust leak is an annoyance, but leaks can also create a safety hazard.

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